We’re Continually Inventing New Brush Designs, Artist and Cosmetic Items.


The Finest Brushes in the World

FM Brush creates the finest brushes made in the world today for professional make-up artists and distinctive corporate monogramming. Our designer create uniquely tailored brushes that offer unique performance characteristics not available anywhere else in the world.

Brushes are individually designed and developed to meet or exceed your individual specifications and performance requirements. When we collaborate with your firm on a brush design, the resulting creation will be unique to you.

We combine a variety of materials and components to create your desired quality and characteristics. Our artisans can custom blend natural and synthetic bristles on-site to create an infinite palette of effects, colors and performance capabilities.

FM Brush is committed to delivering the finest quality brushes to our customers and business partners in the United Stated, Asia and Europe.

Allow us to do what we do better than anyone else in the world today. Allow us to create a line of custom cosmetic brushes which are exclusively designed to suit your requirements and specifications. You will no regret the decision to partner with a company like FM Brush.


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